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In honour of Today

what could be more honouring (yes the British spelling esp, with the wedding coming up) than a very daring man in a see through blue rabbit suit and high heels. Brings a smile to my lips. My hat off to … Continue reading

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With Love… A video shot of the northern lights with some segments of the milky way. Beautiful. Its a been a long journey over the past few years which seems to have taken me away from photography. Yet ever evening I … Continue reading

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Weird Al …

I love this. Truly the sincerest form of flattery. Esp the french for “who cut the cheese ..”

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I Knew it … Swearing like a trooper must be good for something 🙂 must practice ! And in honour of this, here’s an old one..

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Ready Steady Go

The third annual Office Chair Race

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Only the Good Die Young…. Apparently Billy Joel said it best … We’re all looking for the secrets of longevity some days, this seems one of those solutions that just sticks out…

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The Miraculous

Dame Helen, sharing her wonderful sense of humour. The wonder of bosoms 😉

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Geek Sense of Humour I love the geek sense of humour where someone takes what was a hilarious April Fools joke and goes one step further and makes it reality. Completely impractical, unless turning email into a daily workout (which I’m sure a few … Continue reading

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Such an Auspicious Day ….

Here is a roundup of some of the more entertaining ones… and a more complete list… Happy April Fools day. Such a day of mirth.

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Truly Mythical and the more risque…

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