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Just a touch of sarky

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I know Anglo/Canadian spelling. Some habits are hard to break … from the daily telegraph in the UK.

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Our Friend the Earth this is supposedly the most high def picture ever taken of our planet. Referred to as the blue marble..

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Read my Buns wimpy in South Africa are now using sesame seeds on a bun to leave messages for braille readers.

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A Brief Return to Our Regular …

Today is national peanut butter day. For those of you so inclined (personally euuughhh…) msn had some recipes for you

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Serious: This brought me to tears A guardian (UK Newspaper) photo article where women are holding signs showing what their sexual abusers said to them. and here is the article: the courage it takes for these people to fight back astounds me, truly astounds … Continue reading

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Appreciation Day Some one took the time to remind me that I miss my telescope. My big 16 inch, can see the nearest galaxy 1 million light years away, and Jupiter with all the moons aligned up – telescope. Oh yeah … Continue reading

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And Today is…

Hug day, I like, having grown up in a somewhat stiff environment where such simple forms of affection were not known, the idea of a good hug works… Today is Squirrel Appreciation day. The Red ones, the grey ones and … Continue reading

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Wish her well

Etta James passed on, I wish her well. here is the classic and timeless “at Last”, a wonderful wonderful song.

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Fill in the blank: Bear

Todasy is national “Hug” day, an improvement on the usually endless stream of Hallmark events. (as a kid, most events were either somewhere rooted in the rotation of the planets, thanks to the gods, rotation of the crops, or giving … Continue reading

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