On a more pensive note

With the end of the Mayan calendar looming, and all bets are on it being as much of a non event as the year 2000 was. It is still an opportunity to make a choice. Much like people do every new year in an attempt to not repeat the bad patterns of the past year and to focus on the more beneficial patterns, hopes and dreams.

We watch the years tick away, we mark them off on the wall much like you see prisoners do with chalk or scratch marks. We count thing incessantly, maybe its time for a much simpler number scheme:

  1. Not enough
  2. enough / plenty
  3. more than enough
  4. overflowing lets pass on the spare

along with this hows about we stop saying “Oh look how good she looks for 30, 40, 50 ..etc” and simply say “wow, she looks good !”

With the passage of time, I’ve not lost things because the passage of time has robbed me of opportunities that passed me by, I’m still alive so I turn to face the oncoming rush (much like the buffalo turns its head into the wind) and I look forward to the endless new opportunities that come with the passage of new time.

And as far as the Mayan Calendar goes, I think they just ran out of beans to start the next epoch. So here’s to there being a better harvest next time someone needs to declare a new calendar… 🙂

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