Speaking of ancient festivals. Tomorrow is national “gis a kiss” day

That would be my best colloquial British.  Usually said with a smile and a wink

“gis a kiss darlin”

Valentines days is upon us again. I must admit I prefer the concept of actually expressing ones’ desire and affection for someone all year around, but hey, sometimes work gets in the way and we all need a reminder.  Over the years I’ve had some great valentines and some rather bizarre ones.

I hope all those who have someone, make an effort, even if not tomorrow. And those who dont have an embodiment of their divine love, choose instead to do something special for themselves. oops. THEMSELVES, yes, their big and most majestic and divine selves, be it in female form or masculine form.

Lets make it national Whole You appreciation day 😉

Speaking of the origins of festivals, below is a link that talks about the origins of Valentines day and the festival it replaces, one that consisted of “nubile youths” running through the streets whipping people with thongs of goat hide. Personally I think there is obviously something to be said the for old ways. Sounds like a lot more exercise and fewer chocolates! Not sure where you buy shaggy thongs of goat these days, but hey, this is the internet, there isn’t much you cant find thanks to google….


Have a great “gis a kiss” day tomorrow.

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