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Humor from the USA

Recently it was the President’s White House Correspondents Dinner, this is often a stand up comedy routine. The sexy Beat blog has sifted through the night to bring us the highlights.

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The ultimate in nerd-porn

As the Australians might say “strewth”, or the Brits “cor-blimey” (if you are Dick van Dyke) I MUST GET OUT MORE OFTEN 🙂 the ultimate in nerd porn is apparently the first 4,000,000 digits of Pi. You can move … Continue reading

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Music, Dance and how it helps the brain stay healthy

how the movements of dancing to a beat affect the brain and cause the growth of the hippocampus no matter what age we are… Its also hilarious to watch and entire auditorium dancing to Yolanda BeCool “we no speak americano”

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The Power Of Music…

as many of you know I listen to and or play a lot of music, I have done for many many years, it started as a teenager with a friend – Nick Weston who had a AWESOME stereo and a … Continue reading

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Hug Me for Sugar …

in honour of the april fools joke that had computer developers all cuddling together in pairs for work. Here is a vending machine in singapore that dishes out soda to people who hug the machine. Cute ! here is the … Continue reading

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Drama on demand

for those who find life a bit dull, but would rather have control  over when it happens, here is a wonderful add for TNT the network, that gives you a big red button. Short on drama, just press the big … Continue reading

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Something funny for the morn…

this was going around on msn this morning…

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