The Power Of Music…

as many of you know I listen to and or play a lot of music, I have done for many many years, it started as a teenager with a friend – Nick Weston who had a AWESOME stereo and a very eclectic taste in music, from Lou Reed, XTC, all the way to Nenah Cherry.

I bought my first great stereo with my first bonus back in 93. My stereo has followed me around the states, and unfortunately we are currently separated – its in storage in Tucson.

I recently re-awoke my love of classical when I started listening to a few of Katherine Jenkins’s CD’s.  Music was one of the big influences in me taking up meditation. So when I saw this the other day on flipbook I wanted to forward it.

This is a brief video about how people who are almost non-responsive to theworld are still touched by music.

(original post here

And so here is some beautiful sound. The amazing Miss Jenkins, with the one and truly magnificent Kiri Te Kanawa (I’ve heard her music since I was a kid).

and now some XTC…

Enjoy your day, and crank the tunes.

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