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NSFW: Awesome and Dangerous Power of Nature

Why NSFW (Not Safe For Work) ? The guy’s grasp of the Anglo-Saxon art of swearing is quite impressive. Only Billy Connolly or George Carlin can get F**k more times into a sentence 🙂 Incredible read shots of a tornado … Continue reading

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Juggler with Add Bonus – Booze

OK, so I can juggle, 4 balls, or 3 clubs. I can even juggle fire, but this guy, can do 4 bottles of glass, bounce them around and still pour you a drink. Tom Cruise has just been demoted from … Continue reading

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More Lmfao Parodies

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Following with More Percussion

Beethoven’s Ode to Joy courtesy of David Beckham and football…

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Acoustic Music from Rubber

Yup, condoms at their finest…Thank the Swedes for this brief interlude.

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Lucid Dreaming Here we Come

Yes, someone has proposed a technological solution to help people access lucid dreaming (a dreaming state where you have control over your dreams). Its a project proposed on kick starter. see

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Stereotypes and Dating

My favourite comedy show of all time. Apparently us men are far more predictable that we think !

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