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Your Weather with a Dose of Humour

Apparently a volcano on the east coast followed by Godzilla..!

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Humour in the Universe Cher, has managed to alienate a large swath of the Mormon Church, by referring to a formal Church garment know as “Celestial Underwear” as MAGIC UNDERWEAR. The idea of a divinely blessed pair of grollies (knickers) apeals to me. … Continue reading

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A Great Writer Has moved on from this place we call “home”. Nora Ephron the contributor and comedian of many movies, including Michael and Julie and Julia has pass on after a battle with Cancer. So to celebrate her life, here’s Michael. … Continue reading

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Ever Had one of those days …?

an oldie, Pixar’s very funny trainee alien on his first abduction…..

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Pointing out the OBVIOUS …

From an article on the upcoming “Magic Mike” movie. Dancing without your clothes on in front of large groups of women is not necessarily a talent that comes naturally. Read more: And I thought it was just me …:-)

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Needs Translation

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