Help the Helpless

Apparently, “Joe the Plumber” is in need of some help. Another one inflicted with the “foot in mouth” disease. Please send good thoughts his way. It only brings out pity…

Anyone daft enough to imply that ‘gun control” has any  connection with the holocaust, because people didn’t have guns to fight back, REALLY NEEDS HELP.  I mean heavy duty intervention, are you “f**king kidding”, “please promote them to where they can do no harm” kind of help.

In the UK they have the “monster raving loony party” as part of the election system with “Screaming Lord Such”, they at least were obviously meant for humour.

May Joe the Plumber get a “f**king  clue” …

Here’s the Monster Raving Loonie’s parties manifesto, showing humour and ridicule at the formality and insanity that often surrounds the political process, I especially enjoy the requirement for all to stand on one leg during proceedings…

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