Humour in the Universe

Cher, has managed to alienate a large swath of the Mormon Church, by referring to a formal Church garment know as “Celestial Underwear” as MAGIC UNDERWEAR. The idea of a divinely blessed pair of grollies (knickers) apeals to me. Keeping the crown jewels in a garment blessed for the highest purposes is a rather comforting idea. Although its really an opening for comedians like Louis CKRobin Williams, Maggie Cassella or Kate Clinton to have a field day.

Even Wikipedia has an entry for “MAGIC UNDERWEAR”.

Cheesing off a large portion of the community is one thing, but doing it as a suggestion for the currently incumbent Pres. Barack Obama maybe at least a political slipup not intended.

Do the Catholics get upset when someone refers to the pope’s headgear as a glorified Coffee Filter ?
Here’s Robin…

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