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How to drive a point home with a sledgehammer

The discussion continues on the republican defined “legitimate rape” which as I mentioned earlier is clearly an oxymoron. Here is a public service announcement with a hefty dose of sarcasm – as there should be when making a point that … Continue reading

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Had a great meeting. Great to talk to the folks in Level 2 and work with Laura. And now I find my self enjoying Nickelback also. Thats a first. I never had a strong draw to the Seattle style grunge … Continue reading

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Clarification on Rape

now, I’d never heard the term “legitimate rape”. Partly cos I never know knew those two words ever came together. Its an oxymoron. Someone has kindly written a song to explain this to the republican candidates in Missouri.

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Fiddler on the street

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To Boldly Go Where No Space Exploration Has Gone Before

yes, Nasa fight back with a cover of “I’m Sexy and I know it”, which is a big improvement over all the “call me maybe” covers… so here’s the guy with the mohawk, and the dancing space suits.

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Venus Venus is about to traverse behind the moon, and can be seen with the naked eye – as opposed to the clothed eye ! Centuries ago, the world was ruled by events such as this and their significant, today … Continue reading

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The World Of the Sinister

Yup, it is officially Left-Hander’s Day. For those of us afflicted, with our brains wired a little differently – the unsung minority, so prejudiced against by scissors and other utensils. not to mention generally awful handwriting. (once referred to as … Continue reading

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