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Heck Yeah…

  A lady in Oregeon decided to spend the summer as a mermaid. Second childhood here she comes… Why the heck not. A little play, a little imagination, not sure I’ll revisit my childhood fascination with┬ádaredevil evel knievel. Maybe I’ll … Continue reading

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Because the Lord Said So

Apparently punching people is now Ordained. 95% of the wars on Earth have God on both sides. I think it might not be God they are listening to… Oh I forgot to mention, people are trying to stop him from … Continue reading

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Hidden Talents…

From the wonderwall I can wiggle my ears, I can even touch my tongue to my nose, but 3 ? My hat off too him, he is apparently VERY talented !

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Cracks Himself up…

The turkey Whisperer

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Today We Have a Winner … Today is apparently aptly named “Middle Finger Day” . Of all the days we’ve surveyed from peanut butter day, to no bra day, this one seems to have just hit the spot today… So turn to your nearest bully, … Continue reading

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