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Voiceover Artists United

The five guys who do voiceovers, giving their limo ride to the awards, their voice over magic. funny !

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Wake the F**k Up

Samuel L Jackson has done a Obama campaign ad (or party political broadcast as they are called in the UK). It contains a notable amount of swearing as a parody of his book “go the f**k to sleep” I’ve been … Continue reading

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One of the sign of the Unavoidable Apocolypse

Yup, apparent there is an impending bacon shortage in the world. Now that is worth worrying about ….

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Apple iPhone 5 multi-Universe Maps

based on the fact that apples maps on the new iphone 5 are rather sucky apparently.

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Walk The Plank

Arrrrrggggg Matteeee. One for Ye Ladies on Speak as a Pirate Day … Some Sailors ..! Enjoy the tour of Annapolis, Avast me hearties…

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Ohoy You landlubbers

That right, tomorrow wed is Talk As A Pirate day, so break out your “ahoy matee” and “avast shiver me timbers” .. If you check the language option on a number of big sites. Like Facebook allow you to view … Continue reading

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Cool Old-School Animation

Stop animation done on a large scale. Take a building a lot of people, and open a close the windows and blinds over a period of time.

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