Occasionally I get asked questions about something I’ve been part of for some considerable time. About 15 years ago I took up meditation. I was in need a changing my life as I had been repeating the same basic loops over and over and over again. I tried many different types with a variety of success, zen, viapasana, ..etc. I eventually settled on the techniques taught to me by Faye Fitzgerald and the Training in Power academy here in Seattle.

I have always known life can be different, but never quite knew how to access the change. Needing to address my life, not replace it with another one. To combine my meditation practice with my daily life, not separate the two until I would be forced to choose between the two. So yes, I chose the most practical of all the techniques I studied. I have taken many course with Training in Power Academy, and I keep going back. 15 years with the same thing, in my life, that a record.

I’ll post a little more in a few days. In the meantime, for more information see

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3 Responses to Meditation

  1. pennyewing says:

    Well written…thank you for sharing.

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