it seems that the united nations has just passed issued a resolution calling for the banning female genital mutilation. A good day.

They vote on it later this year, now lets hope it gets implemented…

After that, maybe all forms of circumcision will become optional, by optional I mean let the person whose body it is decided. Strange concept.

If you choose to do something daft to yourself, well as my family would say “Its your own damn fault”. On the other hand having no choice in the matter, well that’s hardly decent is it.

Apparently some people think this is an act of Cultural Imperialism. Hmmm…. Nucking Futz. Utterly Nucking Futz.

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  1. pennyewing says:

    Oh…this is a hard one for me. First of all…I will say…that both of my male children were circumcised (and mainly because their father was also circumcised). Then I will say that I was not circumcised as an infant or at a later time. I will also add that as a Nursery nurse for 20+ years…I have assisted in countless circumcisions in the well baby nursery in a bustling American hospital. I will say that we have seen a decrease in the percentage of parents requesting circumcision (the majority still opt for it). It is presented as a ‘choice’ now.

    What I want to say is that comparing these two practices….female circumcision and male circumcision is a bit like…well like comparing apples and oranges…isn’t it?

    First of all…the procedures are done for different reasons. I have NEVER heard a parent or doctor EVER suggest that circumcision of the male infant would reduce sexual pleasure and/or promiscuity (we have a generation or two that clinical disproves that!). There are some medical reasons that do support circumcision of male infants. You can research that on you own if you like.

    And beyond that…The procedures are done in different places at different ages by different practitioners in different ways. It’s hard for me to compare a surgical procedure done in a hospital setting on a newborn infant by a licensed medical practitioner (or two) often using anesthesia….to a young girl being held down in a dirty hut and mutilated by whomever is willing to do it…often times one of her own family members.

    Not saying that I am standing in support of male circumcision…just wanting the issue to be clear….let’s not muddy the waters here. Let us celebrate the victory at hand. Because it is a good day.

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