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Stairway to Heaven

This appears to be part of a tribute to Led Zep. Its done by Heart and Nancy Wilson with a huge backing crew. an Awesome song.  

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To Take Your Mind of Xmas Apparently the reason the Apocalypse didn’t occur on the 21st is because its really due for the 24th 🙂 So watch out east coast you get there first… This is seeming a little like the ever moving rapture … Have a great … Continue reading

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The Truth about The Dutch

Education with sass, I love it. An explanation of the difference between Holland and the Netherlands. Along with why some Caribbean islands are part of Europe ! The bit about Saint martins, is hilarious, one small island with two countries … Continue reading

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Its Not Every Day …

You get to witness the end of the Mayan Calendar come to pass. As they say in the song, “its the end of the world as we know… and I feel fine”.. I raise a glass to you all, fellow … Continue reading

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Favourite Mayan Memes ..

God bless the internet. I get this weird deja-vu all over again. Its almost as if its the year 2000 again …. so just incase it is, here’s Prince. On another note, I do offer house sitting services for people … Continue reading

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My Wish

Now Snow you bugger, SNOW…:-)

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The Science Behind Second Base …

you know those days when the world seems to be dragging at your heels, and then the universe comes through with a smile. Today is one of those days, Apparently subconsciously all those guys who’ve been trying to get … Continue reading

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