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Stairway to Heaven

This appears to be part of a tribute to Led Zep. Its done by Heart and Nancy Wilson with a huge backing crew. an Awesome song.  

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To Take Your Mind of Xmas Apparently the reason the Apocalypse didn’t occur on the 21st is because its really due for the 24th 🙂 So watch out east coast you get there first… This is seeming a little like the ever moving rapture … Have a great … Continue reading

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The Truth about The Dutch

Education with sass, I love it. An explanation of the difference between Holland and the Netherlands. Along with why some Caribbean islands are part of Europe ! The bit about Saint martins, is hilarious, one small island with two countries … Continue reading

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Its Not Every Day …

You get to witness the end of the Mayan Calendar come to pass. As they say in the song, “its the end of the world as we know… and I feel fine”.. I raise a glass to you all, fellow … Continue reading

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Favourite Mayan Memes ..

God bless the internet. I get this weird deja-vu all over again. Its almost as if its the year 2000 again …. so just incase it is, here’s Prince. On another note, I do offer house sitting services for people … Continue reading

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My Wish

Now Snow you bugger, SNOW…:-)

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The Science Behind Second Base …

you know those days when the world seems to be dragging at your heels, and then the universe comes through with a smile. Today is one of those days, Apparently subconsciously all those guys who’ve been trying to get … Continue reading

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Something to Consider …

An outline of what Australia’s response was, when they suffered a similar tragedy.

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Love is All You Need …

People decided to drown out Terry Jones the evangelical anti Islam nut case,, with the Beatles song “all you need is love”. Tarnishing all of Islam based on the fundamentalists, is like tarnishing all of Christianity based on a few … Continue reading

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Ode to Gold …

following on the theme for tonight, here’s some gold put into song… Starting with Spandau Ballet. What it is to be a child of the eighties ! Sting … and Jon Stewart…

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