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50 Cents In Da Club (not)…

ever wondered what George Formby would sound like singing hip hop ? Well you are in for a treat ! Hardy recognise it from the original… Very Funny.

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Sometimes People Dont Learn The First Time

This was meant to be a serious tutorial on static discharge and how they test for it. It really is a n example of how many times a guy can ZAP himself without learning from his mistakes. Had me rolling … Continue reading

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Creative Hole Digging…

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Very Funny

This is the UK version of the “parent’s swagger” advert that was done in the states. This is the British Ode to Motherhood.   Hey its 5am, and I’m still at work, anything’s funny right now !

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Learn to Draw

Here is a recorded video google+ hangout from the Thrive Art School here in Seattle. Fantastic if you have kids. They currently have a project on Kickstarter, so if you are interested head on over there and check out their … Continue reading

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For Those People Who Still Believe the Earth is Flat …

Number one is my favorite, but an entertaining math and physics explanation of why we know its round even if we cant get off it to take a look.

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