Also known as the sound of someone having a great cup of tea.

I’ve been a tea drinker since university, but mostly green tea recently. Well, tonight I was unpacking a box of stuff I finally pulled out of storage. In it was a large box of PG Tips tea bags. So on went the kettle, out came a spot of cream, tea bag in water for 30 seconds, OMG, yes Oh My God…

I love green tea, especially from Revolution, but PG Tips you just made my day. Now if only I had some McVities chocolate digestives, I’d be set. Apparently I’m easy to please these days.


PG Tips

as a footnote: I just opened a tin of Hedley’s english breakfast, supposedly the finest premium tea. Didn’t survive the time in a sealed tin anywhere near as well. Back to Good old PGTips.

Unpacking old boxes seems to be an exercise in “throw it”, “sell it”, “what was I on ?”, Oh my god my stereo, “another kettle ?!”, “a coffee brewer ? I’m allergic to coffee !”, “curry”, “curry”, “curry”, “more pataks curry paste”. Not one but TWO region free DVD players, bed linen, more bed linen, Ah crockery, I knew I didn’t need anymore …etc…

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