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Guess what

Is cooking … Yup spicy BBQ baby back ribs.

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Space the Final Frontier

What happens to a wash cloth full of water in space when you squeeze it ? So many things we take for granted… with gravity.

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Saudi Men Too Handsome…

this seems to be a case of irony, usually news reports are filled with details of the religious restrictions that are placed on women in prevalently Muslim countries. So when a a report showed up that apparently 3 men were ejected from a festival … Continue reading

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Human Modifications

on my wish list, ability to fly, or at least levitate a little, and movable ears. Those are my top two. This guy comes pretty close to the first one.  

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Humour at its best…

A sketch from SNL that shows the ludicrous state of affairs around Gun Control.

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Accompanying ,,,

Accompanying the vino, yup lamb chops and mint sauce. Mmmmmmm. Maybe not such a bad start to the week !

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It Was Lost But Now Found

You know, I’m unpacking some of my stuff and guess what I find ? A case of wine, all different, I think I bought it to cook with buts its quite drinkable. So cheers to the bloody lot of you … Continue reading

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