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Have Samuel L Jackson Deliver Your Monologue

For those who have an appreciation for an appropriately delivered F Bomb, If you win, for charity, Samuel L Jackson, will read your monologue on camera. Whatever you choose, poetry, something penned by you, a part from a movie… Something … Continue reading

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Humour gone sideways …

From msn today: Tired from all that money makin’? Sip on the world’s most expensive coffee. Costing $30 a cup, Kopi Luwak is made from coffee beans found in a civet’s poop. Apparently my digestive tract is not as valuable … Continue reading

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My Name is Michael Caine…

Michael Caine and Billy Connolly on the very last Parkinson…

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NSFW: Billy on Bombers…

As with all recordings of this hilarious comedian, there is A LOT of swearing… With all this lunacy in this world right now, a change of perspective is a good thing…

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Death Valley (2)

This shot which is one of my favourites, was taken the evening before the black and white It was shot on Fuji Velvia (long live film !) using my favourite of all time camera – Fuji617 panoramic camera. For some … Continue reading

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The Gods of Storage

Bestowed upon me another gift !

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Death Valley…

I think the quote goes: “Lo though I walk through the Valley Of Death I shall fear no evil” Here is a photo I took a number of years ago on trip through Death Valley, with Steve Matera. I had … Continue reading

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Tracking Down Trolls…

Fascinating watching them track down their most pernicious Troll… And here is the Troll Slayer, you go physics girl .. and here Troll Slayer (phyiscs girl PHd) meets Internet Troll

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One of the Funniest Men Alive

The one, the only, Billy Connolly…

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Andi Osho – Comedy with a landan accent

That would be London for the rest of the world…  

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