Death Valley…

I think the quote goes:

“Lo though I walk through the Valley Of Death I shall fear no evil”

Here is a photo I took a number of years ago on trip through Death Valley, with Steve Matera. I had taken many many colour photos, but was drawn to learn Black and White with its subtle shades and graduations. This was an early morning if I remember correctly, mid Summer with its insane heat.

Yet there is something subtle and beautiful in the gentle curves of the sand blown by the wind day after day. Eroding a boulder down to grains. A different perspective on time, and patience.

Death valley BW

Spending time with other photographers was always a learning experience as everyone sees differently. Everyone expresses themselves in composition, whether it is harmonious, juxtaposed or off balance.

This was shot on 35 mm black and white Kodak portait film, the film chosen because of its wonderful handling of the subtle variations in shade. Trip was approx  2005 or 2006 I think.

I am slowly working through my old photos, I shall post more in time.

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