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Tracking Down Trolls…

Fascinating watching them track down their most pernicious Troll… And here is the Troll Slayer, you go physics girl .. and here Troll Slayer (phyiscs girl PHd) meets Internet Troll Advertisements

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One of the Funniest Men Alive

The one, the only, Billy Connolly…

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Andi Osho – Comedy with a landan accent

That would be London for the rest of the world…  

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Comedy Week

it is now comedy week on youtube ! And there is music 🙂 Sarah Silverman and…

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Train Wreck, or Rubber Necking…

I try to filter the lowest of the low stuff out of the internet before I post it (such as the durex ad that has a suggestion so your parents can safely eat cucumber sandwiches). This one however is sooooooooo … Continue reading

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Saturday night ritual

Seems I’ve taken to making ribs on the weekend. Bit of a downer thus evening, can’t be the weather, ah well time to chat to God/source/the universe at large. Any way. More Thai style, sesame seeds, lemongrass and ginger. Have … Continue reading

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Time Travel and Relationships

Richard Curtis applies his brand of Romance movie to Time Travel. Finally someone applies humour with the butterfly effect, and groundhog day. As they say, practice makes perfect. Do we really want perfection ?

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