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From the New Google Ad


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JJ Cale

Singer songwriter.

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Oops I Did It Again…

I posted videos out of order. What a disservice ! Here is the first part of the billy interview on Parkie (Michael Parkinson). I look forward to his next tour…

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Daily Dose of Mirth

An oldie, Billy Connolly on Parkie (Michael Parkinson).  Talking about his amorous time with an albino python.

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Someone Actually Tried To Figure This Out

How to compare the pain level of childbirth with getting kicked in the Crown Jewels. Apparently its a tie. I’m sure all those people who have experienced either will have strong opinions about this. Isn’t Science wonderful !  

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How To Deflect A Roid

Aster-roid, that is. Here’s Bill Nye explaining why its hard to find a charcoal briquette in the dark…

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One Word – Awesome !!

some explorers nearly get swallowed by some hump back whales when their kayak is in the middle of the feeding ground.  Incredible display of many whales all breaching together. Enjoy.

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