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A Brief Interlude

Its one of those days, my sense of humour is fighting back, so here is a curve ball. Sir Mixalot… and of course the Donkey version

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Alan Turing

Apparently the british government is finally going to remove the record of Alan Turing, who was arrested for being Gay back when it illegal in the UK. He was offered chemical castration and instead ended his own life. He was … Continue reading

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Beyond Octopii yarn bombing. For sis, dust collectors no more, rebel and keep statues warm. I’m sure the hamlet statue your kids had fun with would have loved some gloves on a string … 🙂

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Whats Playing …

Duffy, well, well, well. nice and loud 🙂 Good job I live next to a park ! Another Welsh lass with a great voice.

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Pure Joy

Beats the usual music you get in elevators…

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Mclaren Road Car

Fascinating documentary about the building of the new Mclaren formula road car. I loved the bit where they talk to the acoustical engineer, who worked to make the car sound like a “supercar”. Must be my day for sin, as … Continue reading

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  Sihouette of Cactii on the side of the road, half way between Las Vegas and the maximum security prison on the outskirts. Beautiful time of day in the desert.  

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