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Choral Street Piano

an Ad campaign. Still fun.

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Star Wars Is Getting Closer…

Apparently scientists have made “light molecules” or a new state of matter.

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Harder Than It Looks…

Passers by asked to Conduct an Orchestra … Are you the next Karajan (5 minutes faster than everyone else) ?

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The Earth

Apparently the geeks shall inherit the earth …  

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Many folks that know me, know I first learnt to meditate many years ago. I was looking for something. Something to stabilise the ups and downs of daily life. To ease the pain of breakups, and yet not temper the … Continue reading

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Warning: Sanity Follows

I dont usually post political stuff, I’m not really political by nature. Although I think it was Plato who said “those who refuse to participate in politics are likely to be ruled by those who do”… This video is a … Continue reading

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Loved By Grace

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