Many folks that know me, know I first learnt to meditate many years ago. I was looking for something. Something to stabilise the ups and downs of daily life. To ease the pain of breakups, and yet not temper the joyful days.

We have an image of people who meditate, sitting quietly in a corner, at one with the universe, at peace, and yet somehow slightly retreated from it.

I’ve been through many ups and downs as most people have, I am not immune to the world and its effects on my life, yet I am a little better at handling it. I have improved my resilience. I have learnt much about myself as a person through the ups and downs, I have learnt about the choices I make, even those I make when no-one else is around. Why ? Because after all this time, it still Me that looks back when I look in the mirror.

Where am I going with this ? In truth I am not perfect. I do not seek to be perfect, I meditate because it builds my resilience to the rises and falls of life. To provide me with a connection to my Greater Self. To the part of me that is untouched by life’s trials and tribulations. Timeless and ever forgiving, and unconditionally Loving. Truthful, yet non-judgmental. I meditate because is gives me the tools to understand and heal my life and interactions.

How do I meditate ? Sometimes quietly in the mornings, sometimes in the afternoon or evening. Often as I walk around the neighbourhood as I stretch my legs, or exercise. Sometimes 5 minutes, sometimes and hour. Can I always sit down for an hour ? No, so I do what I can, when I can. At first I worried I wasn’t doing it right, I worried I wasn’t doing it enough, that somehow I was going to get it wrong.

Now I just meditate in whatever shape and form it takes. Its rewards are plentiful. I don’t seek outside myself so much, I seek Me.

Here is a great article from the Harvard Business Review about one guy’s experience with his life and meditation.

The techniques I use in my daily life are taught by a great group. visit their site. Or drop me a note.

canon beach sunset winterMy passion for photography developed from the changes I sought in myself.

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