Warning: Sanity Follows

I dont usually post political stuff, I’m not really political by nature. Although I think it was Plato who said

“those who refuse to participate in politics are likely to be ruled by those who do”…

This video is a california Senator trying to bring some basic human decency and sanity to the debate on cutting food stamps.

Countries are judged by how they treat the weakest of their citizens. With Obamacare under attack and now food stamps where its bad enough they are asked to subsist on $5, yes $5 each day every day, now congress argues to take this away. Considering the trillions in the budget, and the whole “monsanto protection clause that got signed a few months ago. Come on folks.

I’ve never had to subsist on $5 a day, I’ve been fortunate. Contact your senator and suggest they do something useful in Washington, cut the crap, don’t cut basic stuff like food stamps.

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