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Arrrrrgggg Maatteeey

Yup, its back again. Tomorrow, 19th of September, talk like a pirate day. so dig out your arrrgsss and dubloons !!

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String Theory Set To Bohemian Rhapsody…

This is hilarious, and very well done, multi-track recorded acapella. Someone worked hard to get “In the ADS/CFT holography” into the lyrics and make it fit with the tune. Impressive.

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“When I was a lad” Techie Style

Miss those days of watching images download at the speed paint dry ? Miss the errors that used to occur in the middle of them ? miss no more…. to delight those of us who remember internet at modem … Continue reading

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Fog at Night #2

Another shot from the same “outing”. When converted to black and white it reminds me of snow covered trees here in the Pacific Northwest. Taken approx 3 days ago. 4am. This is the original colour shot, the light source is … Continue reading

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Edmonds at Night

    Late the other night when sleep was elusive, fog descended on the locality. fog is always a delight to take pictures in, it adds an ethereal quality.  I have some shots on B+W photo film that are waiting … Continue reading

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What the Fox Says (4am insanity)

4am, yup, the music gets weird at this hour. I think this song should come with a minimum pharmaceutical requirement !

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Robin Williams runs Amok on Parky (with Stephen Fry)

An old one from 2002. An interview between Parkinson and Stephen Fry, with Robin Williams on form…

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