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The Imitation Game

More Alan Turing. He is to be played by Benedict Cumberbatch in an upcoming movie called the “Imitation Game”. see for a brief outline.

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Alan Turing Pardonned

Alan Turing’s record was expunged recently when he received a Pardon. his record was from a era in Britain when Homosexuality was illegal and charged with “Gross Indecency”. Alan Turing a seminal figure in Computer Science, who was a very … Continue reading

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is a much better name for a comet in my opinion. apparently going to be visible in the sky soon. A Comet in the sky over Christmas day, I have a feeling I read a story somewhere about that…

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Incase You Are Planning a Trip Into Space…

some very help folks in Europe are working hard to solve the Great British Culinary debate – how on earth do you deep fry chips/fries in space… preferably in olive oil with Kosher salt and rosemary.  

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Snow glorious snow

With apologies to Oliver, we have snow, a nice smattering, a good start… Now I’m good for the next week.

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Music Moment…

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Self-Therapy Mode

A guy whose wife is going through Breast Cancer, decided to make her laugh (and deal with the stress in a humourous way), so he started taking pictures of himself in a pink tutu. Cancer is a crappy deal, I’ve … Continue reading

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