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The Imitation Game

More Alan Turing. He is to be played by Benedict Cumberbatch in an upcoming movie called the “Imitation Game”. see for a brief outline.

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Alan Turing Pardonned

Alan Turing’s record was expunged recently when he received a Pardon. his record was from a era in Britain when Homosexuality was illegal and charged with “Gross Indecency”. Alan Turing a seminal figure in Computer Science, who was a very … Continue reading

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is a much better name for a comet in my opinion. apparently going to be visible in the sky soon. A Comet in the sky over Christmas day, I have a feeling I read a story somewhere about that…

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Incase You Are Planning a Trip Into Space…

some very help folks in Europe are working hard to solve the Great British Culinary debate – how on earth do you deep fry chips/fries in space… preferably in olive oil with Kosher salt and rosemary.  

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Snow glorious snow

With apologies to Oliver, we have snow, a nice smattering, a good start… Now I’m good for the next week.

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Music Moment…

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Self-Therapy Mode

A guy whose wife is going through Breast Cancer, decided to make her laugh (and deal with the stress in a humourous way), so he started taking pictures of himself in a pink tutu. Cancer is a crappy deal, I’ve … Continue reading

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DNA is apparently Two Streams of Information Apparently encoded under the initial stream of information in DNA, a second data stream has been found. It is hoped that this will help fill in some of the missing information we have about DNA and how it works. … Continue reading

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My Rega cd player died a week or two ago, silence may be golden, but sure changes the atmosphere. Today the delightful Fedex man returned it to me from repairs in California. OMG. The house is now filled with music … Continue reading

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Geminid Meteor Shower Friday night upto 120 meteors per hour.

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