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Dalek Relaxation Tape Hilarious…    

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Today’s Humour

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Women in Computer Science (Grace Hopper)

Today is also the birthday of Admiral Grace Hopper. who is attributed with the naming of computer glitches as “bugs”. Back in the day of large monolithic systems that took up rooms and had less processing power than my … Continue reading

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Why Hour of Code

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Computers and Education Today (the 9th) is the start of the “hour of Code”. The idea is everyone can learn an hour of coding during Computer Science Education week. I’ve written about 50 lines so far today. Come on join in the … Continue reading

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Bitcoin Unchecked…

As its been in the news more and more recently… An article about the unchecked nature of a fledgling digital currency (Crypto-currency) that is not currently categorised by the Fed, so it does not yet have the same protection … Continue reading

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Facebook and Profit How facebook turned nearly 1.75 billion in gross profit into half a million euro loss. its a bit like playing cups and balls with very large amounts of money. Ad company A generates the profit, then has to pay … Continue reading

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Nelson Mandela

Has passed away. A truly remarkable man.

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USB cables to get new ends

say its not so … USB plans a new end to go on USB cables (to go with at least 4 others we already have – USB normal flat, USB big square, USB mini, and USB camera mini) Here’s a … Continue reading

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