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DNA is apparently Two Streams of Information Apparently encoded under the initial stream of information in DNA, a second data stream has been found. It is hoped that this will help fill in some of the missing information we have about DNA and how it works. … Continue reading

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My Rega cd player died a week or two ago, silence may be golden, but sure changes the atmosphere. Today the delightful Fedex man returned it to me from repairs in California. OMG. The house is now filled with music … Continue reading

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Geminid Meteor Shower Friday night upto 120 meteors per hour.

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from this thread

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Dalek Relaxation Tape Hilarious…    

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Today’s Humour

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Women in Computer Science (Grace Hopper)

Today is also the birthday of Admiral Grace Hopper. who is attributed with the naming of computer glitches as “bugs”. Back in the day of large monolithic systems that took up rooms and had less processing power than my … Continue reading

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