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Pranks Part 4 Google Nose, and the new Mini Vertcal Parking system. linked in Senior Punched Card Programmer job advert…

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Pranks Part 3 site includes the KFC mouth expander (cos their burger is too big) The Selfie Robot and the truly amazingly foul idea – Vegemite Energy Drink (for those who have never been to Oz (Australia), Vegemite is a spreadable yeast … Continue reading

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Google Pranks Part 2

Richard Branson/virgin and Nest Temperature control. Waze Dates (crowd sources traffic data with dating) Here are some more….

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And So It Begins …. The Yearly Internet April 1st Jokes

A little early for those in the US as Australia start hours ago… Google Pokemon Master Google Shelfie Should be a fun 24 hours for pranksters…

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Faster Wifi More spectrum to open up so it can achieve Gigabit speeds. Now if only they’d deal with the battery drain…

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When Galaxies Collide

From Cosmos – in about a billion years, the collision of our galaxy with our nearest neighbouring galaxy – Andromeda.  I have seen Andromeda with my own eyes, it is about the far reaches of resolution of my 14 inch … Continue reading

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Lunar Eclipse April 15th

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