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How your Voice Changes with Power

How people’s voice reflects their position of power. How “gravitas” is communicated through tone and loudness. (Your perception of sound changes considerably with its “loudness”, this is quite noticeable in how music is mastered and played ) Includes a comparison … Continue reading

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The Anatomy of a New Yorker Cartoon

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Bohemian Rhapsody Deconstructed

A really fascinating look at one of the most iconic songs. Brian May deconstructs the original multi track recording. I had no idea there were so many parts to it, carefully constructed layer upon layer to sound the way it … Continue reading

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Nessie is Back

something that shows up when you photograph large sections of the earth

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Making Pianos Digital The next round of digital pianos, taking much better advantage of the huge speed increase in CPU chips and memory prices. 49GB compared to the old 1MB ones. Basically high quality digitally sampled.

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Blood Moon Tonight

if you are up and want to watch the eclipse the red should start between 11pm and 12pm tonight PST)

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Gas/Petrol from Seawater not sure what the yield would be, pretty low I’d expect, curious how much energy is required for the conversion process versus the amount of Gasoline created…

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When Galaxies Collide

From Cosmos – in about a billion years, the collision of our galaxy with our nearest neighbouring galaxy – Andromeda.  I have seen Andromeda with my own eyes, it is about the far reaches of resolution of my 14 inch … Continue reading

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Lunar Eclipse April 15th

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Rubiks Cube at Light Speed

Built using Lego Mindstorms… just over 3 seconds for a fully solved cube.

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