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And the Docu behind the First Grader

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First Grader

I watched the First Grader last night. Very moving…

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Upcoming Celestial Event Thursday Night visible with the naked eye, so they say. Although the standard Seattle cloudbank might get in the way.

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Its Pie Day

someone with a sense of humour recognised that March 14th, or in America written 3.14 should be celebrated as Pi (π) day.

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Blue Planet – Blue Diamonds

Full of water – 1% to be specific. Shows a very different composition of the planet further down. Potentially as much water down at 600km as there is up here on the surface. – hopefully it more drinkable 🙂 See

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Science Show on Perception and the Mind

Dara O’Briain’s show on Science and the mind. Includes some fascinating ideas about what you can do with an MRI machine to see if people are telling the truth. I once read “The Truth Machine” a novel about what society … Continue reading

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Internet Speed Tests

With all the fighting recently over a Verizon employees admission that they bandwidth limit netflix/Amazon Web Service (where Netflix is hosted), here is a review of the speed from various internet providers. It shows that both comcast and verizon … Continue reading

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Jump from Space

This was released for the superbowl. switch it into fullscreen and use the little cog to turn on 1080p HD. The pictures are crystal clear. What an amazing view. You begin to realize why so many people have such a … Continue reading

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ISON’s Last Stand…

what kind of name is ISON anyway ? When do we get a comet called doodlebug or something similar ? Anyway, apparently it has the potential to light up the sky a bit tonight.

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UFO ? No, its a part of the Aurora Due to significant earthquake activity, visible light streams have been seen in places such as California. Although first attributed to UFOs, they are actually a visible part of the Earth’s Aurora. The Aurora is only usually visible at the … Continue reading

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