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Facebook and Profit How facebook turned nearly 1.75 billion in gross profit into half a million euro loss. its a bit like playing cups and balls with very large amounts of money. Ad company A generates the profit, then has to pay … Continue reading

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What the Fox Says (4am insanity)

4am, yup, the music gets weird at this hour. I think this song should come with a minimum pharmaceutical requirement !

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Tracking Down Trolls…

Fascinating watching them track down their most pernicious Troll… And here is the Troll Slayer, you go physics girl .. and here Troll Slayer (phyiscs girl PHd) meets Internet Troll

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Train Wreck, or Rubber Necking…

I try to filter the lowest of the low stuff out of the internet before I post it (such as the durex ad that has a suggestion so your parents can safely eat cucumber sandwiches). This one however is sooooooooo … Continue reading

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How to explain everything about me…(the wombles)

I came across this today, this was the height of my childhood… that and the magic roundabout. Yup, The Wombles of Wimbledon Common… and here’s the theme song on top of the pops with a rather young looking Noel Edmonds.

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For Those Not Paranoid Enough on the Internet…

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Unicorn Lair North Korea has apparently found a “unicorn Lair”, remarkably, under a stone marked “Unicorn Lair”. Dating back to the 1300 AD. Hmm … I was really struggling whether to file this under humour, or insanity or Spirituality, lets face … Continue reading

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