They Say

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The Anatomy of a New Yorker Cartoon

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Steven Soderbergh recuts Raider Of The Lost Ark as Silent B+W

Recut so you can see how well the shots are setup to show the story. Pretty cool to watch this way.

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Black and Whites Around Town

edmonds road-1 edmonds road 2-1I have always shot colour, mostly landscapes, so now I’m exploring the beautiful tonal quality of black and whites.

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Edmonds Bay

edmonds bay-1On a sunny Saturday…


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Haww Naww Brawnnn Cawww

A very humourous quick tour of the british isles, 17 accents by one woman.

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Bohemian Rhapsody Deconstructed

A really fascinating look at one of the most iconic songs. Brian May deconstructs the original multi track recording. I had no idea there were so many parts to it, carefully constructed layer upon layer to sound the way it does.

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Square Robots…

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