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To Finish the Day on a Better Note

The truly hilarious Robin Williams is to be married for the third time. In honour of the auspicious event here’s Robin.

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The Business Side of Scarcity They have announced that Warner will be pulling ALL copies of DVD and Blu Rays of Harry Potter at the end of December. The new one comes out November 11th, so grab them while they are out. Otherwise you … Continue reading

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as they say on the internet “WTF” Poachers killed the last Javan Rhino for its horn. Truly WTF. Now I understand the fascination with superheros, at times like this you wish someone would sort some of the people on this nice little blue marble we call … Continue reading

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On a more topical note

What happens when you stop listening to your customers ? To quote Remar Sutton, “they vote with their feet”. Netflix has lost 800,000 subscribers in the last quarter probably due to the screw up with changing all the fees associated … Continue reading

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Truly Nuts…. Bear Grylls (ex SAS commando) is flying a paraglider over Everest. Yes, OVER. Exceeding the world record by 11,000 ft. Adrenaline ? Good lord, his adrenals must be HUGE.

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Wish Upon a star

A beautiful night shot of a shooting star from the orionid meteors. Heres the article….

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Truly Stunning

Watch this full screen in high def. What an amazing and beautiful planet we live on. Landscapes: Volume Two from Dustin Farrell on Vimeo. [originally from gizmodo.]

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A quadruple Rainbow Apparently…. I think I need glasses…

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Meteor Showers

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What Goes Around… it seems that even burglar’s find some things offensive. Apparently some burglars called the police when they found Child Porn in a house they were robbing….

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