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Beautiful music…

a documentary came out a few years about called Note BY Note, about the making of a steinway grand piano. I watched it again this morning, a wonderful look at craftsmanship.

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Bubbly Buble

Michael Buble in the New York subway.

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I posted this to someone’s facebook page but forgot the rest of you. I watched this the other day after class. It was very apropos.

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A Blast From The Past

Someone recently asked me what I used to listen to back in my teenage years, so here goes… Yazoo XTC ( for niggly) Ultravox Tears for Fears Depeche Mode I loved this, song. Now I know why. Eurythmics Far Corporation … Continue reading

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How to explain everything about me…(the wombles)

I came across this today, this was the height of my childhood… that and the magic roundabout. Yup, The Wombles of Wimbledon Common… and here’s the theme song on top of the pops with a rather young looking Noel Edmonds.

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Orchestra With A Sense of Humour…

the Triangle bit in the middle was my favourite..

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The One The Only Neil Diamond

Been a Neil fan for sometime, his last two albums were wonderful. So when I can across this, I thought it was a wonderful gesture for the guy to get on a plane and just show up and sing with … Continue reading

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Guess what

Is cooking … Yup spicy BBQ baby back ribs.

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Space the Final Frontier

What happens to a wash cloth full of water in space when you squeeze it ? So many things we take for granted… with gravity.

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Saudi Men Too Handsome…

this seems to be a case of irony, usually news reports are filled with details of the religious restrictions that are placed on women in prevalently Muslim countries. So when a a report showed up that apparently 3 men were ejected from a festival … Continue reading

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