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That reinvention of the Autumn/Fall Harvest Celebration. To those who know me, those that used to know me, and those that might yet know me, I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. A celebration of gratitude. So as a child of … Continue reading

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A Little Humour For the Day

Who’s line is it anyway ?

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Search Engine Optimization Rankings A survey of many top SEO experts offering their opinion of whats important in Google SEO…

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You Cannot Be Serious

Excuse the John McEnroe quote… Pig Drumming 101. When she gets to the squeeze, Oink…

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Canada has a Capital ?

For all my friends north of the border who feel ignored…This is what a Harvard Education is good for… Mind you if you ask the English what the capital of Wales is, they’d probably be equally stumped…(Cardiff)

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New Video for Old Bob Dylan With a launch of complete Bob Dylan Vol 1, a lipsync video for an old song. The interesting part is you can use your arrow keys on your keyboard to flip through the different lipsync videos, there are quite … Continue reading

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Vandana Shiva and the Pursuit of Saving Seeds

Very interesting interview of Vandana Shiva who was part of India’s rejection of companies attempt to patent basmati rice.

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Albuquerque Balloon Festival

This is supposed to be an incredible to take photographs, the largest balloon festival of its kind, each Fall/Autumn.

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Air Horn Classics

From Ylvis, the guys who brought you “what the Fox says”, comes the new Air Horn Classics, including Stars Wars with an Air Horn… Brought a smile to my face this morning… [From MSN’s trending list]

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CyberCrime Unit Microsoft unveils in cyber crime unit that deals with technologies for keeping people safe online as well as fighting botnets and fighting the distribution of images of child abuse. Microsoft in recent years has helped take down some of … Continue reading

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