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Gym Critique

ESPN post event analysis of random people coming out of a gym… very funny…

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Guess whose back ? Yup, Scary OAGF

OAGF – Overlay Attached Girl Friend. A follow up to her last event:

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As Promised …

The Olympic Games have arrived in London, and it was opened by none other than The Queen and James Bond. Oh, and STFU (Shut The F**k Up) is now the most popular phrase uttered around Mitt Romney after he suggested … Continue reading

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And a Good Night to you All

Beautiful. Just Beautiful. There is a reason I owned season tickets to the symphony for many years.

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Pet Shop Boys

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Horse Riding …

It had to happen, the world has exercise equipment covering nearly all other sports. Now horse riding. Although I must admit it looks a bit “Fifty Shades of Grey” if you ask me. Give you good and strong thigh and … Continue reading

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Gorgeous Grandma Day

Not got any left on planet earth myself, grandmas that is, today is Gorgeous Grandma Day. So call your Granny, and say “Hi”…

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