a rather twisted yet funny view of noises from upstairs…

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Test Images of Seaview Park

This was a test image shot on Fuji Neopan Black and White film. I still get better granularity and resolution from film, even if its considerably less convenient.

trees-bw-1000This is the tree lined avenue right next to seaview park.

Below is the colour test. These were taken about 12 months ago.




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Some More Pranks

MS-DOS on a cellphone


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Amazon’s Gone Retro, Googles’ Gone Backwards

if you visit you should see a retro version of the website, circa 1999 or older.

If you visit you will see everything is reversed/backwards …

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Its that time of year: playstation flow

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Simple Video Lighting Setup

from the Blog.

Basically lighting doesnt need to be bright enough to provide a tan, simple placement of lights to determine what sort of look you are creating. Hard, soft, removing shadow from face ..etc.

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How your Voice Changes with Power

How people’s voice reflects their position of power. How “gravitas” is communicated through tone and loudness. (Your perception of sound changes considerably with its “loudness”, this is quite noticeable in how music is mastered and played )

Includes a comparison of how Maggie Thatchers voice was before and  after. Having grown up through the Maggie Years. I find it a very interesting comparison.

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Virtual Reality and Video

saw this as I was poking around looking at 360 degree cameras

a camera that will record enough perspectives (including audio) so that you can finally create a fully immersive experience, you can look left, look right ..etc. all whilst watching something.  Like the promise of multi-angle viewing (DVD) that never really got much use.

The first demo is a VR recording of Paul McCartney live on stage.

to use it on a normal cellphone you need something called “Google Cardboard”. No its not April fools day, its a cutout for a viewer you can slot your cell phone in and make a “poor man’s” virtual reality headset.

If they have the hardware right and can compress the data from the multiple streams, it would be 3D as people expect to experience it, not the passive exaggerated 3D TV experience.

( this was what I was looking for originally – – I’ve seen 3D panoramic stuff change over the years from the early Qucktime player to the iPhone stuff, or the app that lets you do reverse panoramas and turn your photos of a real object into a 3D panorama)

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Split-Toned Image

IMG_0744-2First attempt at split-toned black and white, to give it that old-world feel.

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All Hallows Eve…


This is my most spooky photograph, although true be told it was actually shot on the 4th of July, the mist or fog is actually the remainder smoke from people setting off fireworks in the neighbourhood late at night.

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