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NSFW: another anti Romney voter ad

rather blunt, from Michael Moore…

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Hexa-Flexa-play with your food

HexaflexaMexican food. Origami with food …mm tasty.  

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Apparently, you can now hire someone for eight bucks and hour who will slap you everytime you try to look at facebook. You productivity is almost assured ! She even seems to enjoy that aspect of the job. And now … Continue reading

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To hear this beautiful music brings peace to me.

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Business Card

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Dripping with Sarcasm

Coming from a country where sarcasm is used about as often as breathing, this advert is laced with a truly hefty dose. Whoever this guy Richard is, apparently he has gained some one’s attention !

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Good News on Amanda Todd Bullies

Apparently, Anonymous, the hacker group has chosen to out one of the bullies of Amanda Todd, the Coquitlam Teen who committed suicide. So apparently Kody Maxson is the name. Apparently, the internet is no longer such a good place to … Continue reading

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Rosie Perez on Romney (hilarious)

She drive the point home hard and precisely, along with being quite hilariously. Do enjoy the latino point of view.

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iPhone 5 Parody

Funniest one I’ve seen so far.

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On the Yang

After a very profound meeting in the shamanic vein, I came across this, seems they are teaching us not to abjectly fear animals from stories, although respect them. Not sure I have room for a full grown grizzly … … Continue reading

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